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Patent # 451,938   May 12, 1891   John W. Klapperich
Cue tip shaper and chalk holder

Patent #453,674    June 9, 1891     Lyman A. Spaulding
Pin-Pool combination billiard table.

Patent #462,843    June 25, 1891      Peter T. Kavanagh
Billiard table game attachment.

News: Oct. 27, 1891  Slosson Beats Schaefer Badly
Packed house and Schaefer expected to win, but instead he  "suffered the worst
defeat of his life
". ( but see 1892, the tables turn)

Rare early photo of Billiard Champion George F. Sutton.
Posing with his "miniature table" trophy and medals (1890s)
Image from: "Pool & Billiard Collectibles " © Mark & Connie Stellinga


News:  Jan. 23, 1892  Schaefer Defeats Slosson
Great match - bitter rivalry between the two rages on...

Patent #469,150   Feb 16,1892   John W. Klapperich
Chalk holder on a pully.

News:  May 21, 1892 Ives Defeats Slosson
Championship Balkline match played in Chicago at Central Music Hall

Patent #481,385    Aug 23,1892    Robert N. Barger
Combined folding bed & billiard table.

Patent #481,387  Aug 22, 1892   Moses Bensinger (assignor BBCC)
Billiard cushion design.

News: Sept 11, 1892   How Billiard Tables Are Made - Page 1
An interesting historic piece describing the process of making carom tables,
complete with illustrations. Priceless.
Page 2       Page 3

News: Dec 15, 1892  Emanuel Brunswick Dies - Downtown Chicago
Read more about John Brunswick's prodigal brother here

Patent #505,007     Dec. 29, 1892    Charles Schulenburg
Improvement to billiard cushion with metallic strip.

The Billiard Halls of Chicago 1892
As listed in the Lakeside Chicago Business Directory
Patent #23,221     Aug. 25, 1893  Moses Bensinger (assignor to BBCC)
Billiard table design.

Patent #23,937     Aug. 25, 1893    Birger Bark (assignor to BBCC)
Billiard table design.

Patent #23,670   Sept. 22, 1893  Moses Bensinger (assignor to BBCC)
Design for rail bolt cover-plate.

Patent #529,775       Nov. 27, 1893      Charles N. Briggs
Improvement to billiard cue tip.

News: Nov 27, 1893  Schaefer's Fine Billiards
"Features of his victory over Ives at Chicago" Players: Frank Ives vs. Jacob Schaefer.

Corporate buy-out:  Brunswick takes over Nikolaus Stoll's Garden City Billiards.
images from news article above


Patent #513,314  Jan 23, 1894   Sterne A. Faribault
Combined billiard table, bookcase and desk.

News:  Feb 4, 1894   Ives Defeats Schaefer & Slosson in Cincinnati
Match played at Pike House. Stakes $1500 sponsored by Brunswick.

News: Feb 11, 1894  Slosson Defeats Ives in Boston

Patent #523,468     March 30, 1894    Carl W. Goetze & August Knopp
Billiard ball counter/score keeper. (aka register)

News: Dec 7, 1894  New "Blue Chalk" Causes Fight
Interesting article discussing a "new" type of chalk being used. Thomas Gallagher of
Chicago and Edward Fournil of Paris have a spat over the chalk during the match.  
Such drama! This would really be a great scene in a movie.

The Brunswick " Cabinet No. 3 "   1894 to 1898


News: Jan 30, 1895  W. P. Mussey of Chicago Plans Amateur Billiard Match

News: Jan. 21st, 1895  The History of the Balk-line  
A great piece of information about various new balk line games that were created to
thwart great players like Schaefer and Ives

Patent #25,646  Oct. 16, 1895  Moses Bensinger (assignor BBCC)
Design for rail bolt cover-plate. See also June 1896

Nationwide Billiard Industry Stats
New York has the most billiard tables businesses, but even combined they are only
generating a fraction of what is being produced in Chicago.


Patent #578,514  March 9, 1896    William Hoskins & William A. Spinks
Substitute for billiard chalk, responsible for changing the entire industry.

Patent #588,961   Nov. 17, 1896    Albert M. Gerstle
Convertible billiard table.

Brunswick letterhead signed by Julius Balke  - 1896


Patent #583,009    May 18,1897    William A. Cunningham
Improvements to cue shaft and tip.

Patent #650,085   Dec. 2, 1897   Otto F. Bartel (assignor BBCC)
Convertible billiard table.

News: Dec 2, 1897  Ives World Record Against Sutton. Slosson Beats Schaefer
"The attendance was excellent and included a large number of ladies"

News: Dec 5, 1897   Billiards For Women
Tom Foley (as he frequently did) publicly invited the ladies to enjoy his billiard rooms.

Merle & Heaney company letterhead circa 1897
Image from: "Pool & Billiard Collectibles " © Mark & Connie Stellinga



Patent #612,765    Jan. 20, 1898     Moses Bensinger (assignor BBCC)
Reinforced billiard cushion.

News: Feb 28, 1898  Old-Time Chicago 4-Ball Champ Frank J. Parker Died

News: April 25, 1898  Old-Time Billiard Champ William Sexton Died
Includes a short biography


Book:  [The] Amateur Billiard Championship of America (1899)
"The first tournament given under the auspices of the Amateur Athletic Union of the
United States "  February 13th 1899
Includes a historical sketch of amateur billiards and notable players.
Players mentioned:
Phelan, Seereiter, Dudley Kavanagh, Crystal, Deery, Tieman,
Golthwait, Vignaux, William McKay, Herman Aldrich, Mortimer Humphreys, Walter
Appleton, Fred Brittan, William Cross, Charles Spear, S. Rapalye, L.P. Norton, W.N.
Weeks, John C. Eno, W.C. McCreery, Wilson P. Foss, Orville Oddie, Walter Stanton,
Arthur R. Townsend, Alexander Morten, G. Lee Knapp, George D. Clift, R.J.
Maguinness, Andrew Miller, John McArthur, Joseph P. Knapp, Frank Dugro, J.E.
Soule', George E. Hevner, G.A. Flanagan, H.D. Jennings, John A. Hendrick, C.E.
Ellison, Frank Rice, Arthur Coste, F. Kraker, Frank Day, Frank A. Keeney, Maurice
Daly, George Slosson, Schaefer, Samuel Elrich, William Barnard, Byron Stark, J.M.
Amory, Harry Dodd, George Moulton, A.L. Ranney, Frederick Oakes, Martin Mullen,
William Kellog, Thomas Nolan, Edward Rein, Edward Gardner, Ferdinand
Poggenburg, Florian Tobias, Samuel Esterbrook, William Arnold, L.L. Mial, William
H. Myers, L.A. Servatius, J.A. Hendrick, William Gershel, Walter Douglas, J. DeMun
Smith, Alex Taylor, Clement Bainbridge, A.C. Palmer, E.W. Roby E.J. Wardwell,
Edward Jewett.  
Also includes biographical entries for: (and images of)
Wayman Crow McCreery (St. Louis),
Martin Mullen (Cleveland),
William P. Foss ( N.Y.)

News:  Aug. 31, 1899  Billiard Champion Frank Ives Died In Mexico,
while on a trip there to improve his health. Somehow he knew he wasn't coming
back. A short but informative biography is included. Players also mentioned:
Catton, Schaefer, Slosson, Vignaux, Ives, Roberts, Daly, Sutton.

News:  Nov 3, 1899  Schaefer & Slosson Last Men Standing
What will become of the Balkline game now that they are the only players left?
Horace Ballou 1220 E. Ravenswood
R.A. Barker   648  W. Vanburen
B.B. Batt   67  39th
Joseph N. Brown  3304 State
William E. Call   4146 Cottage Grove
James A. Cluff?  4738 State
William F. Connery   869 W. Lake
David Crory  3006 Cottage Grove av.
John L. Daby  696 W. Lake
J.C. Dick  3852 Cottage Grove av.
Richard Donker 385  W. Madison
Frank E. Eveland   401 W. Vanburen
Freedman & Feldstein  262 W. 12th
Martin C. Fey   1399 W. Madison
Carl Foorman & Co.   69  31st
Garden City Billiard Hall 176 Madison
Michon? H. Gerson  4310 Cottage Grove
J. L. Gibson & Co. 112 Madison
Stephen K. Green 3811 Cottage Grove
Hannah & Hogg 83 Madison
Haskell Bros. 1219 Wabash av.
George L. Hinckley   294  22nd
Frank C. Ives  256 Clark
Eugene Kennedy   610  79th
William L. Knott  507 W. Madison
Robert B. Koerner   309  31st
Joseph LeClair  369 W. Vanburen
William Lloyd  470  W. Harrison
Walter H. Loomis  104  39th
Kline & Lyons  3671 State
James Maguire  745 Cottage Grove av.
McFarlane & Co.  635  63rd
McGriff Bros.  1252 Michigan av
W.H. Metcalf  7112 Cottage Grove av.
Henry Monzar 4135 Cottage Grove av.
C.E. Mussey & Son  106 Madison
Alexander Ross 3007 Cottage Grove av.
Schaefer & Roche 230 Clark
H.B. Simonds & Son 397 W. Harrison
James P. Smith 290 Wabash av.
Bruce Tabler 6140 Wentworth av.
Frederick Volkman  6756 Yale
Rufus D. Wells  522 S. Western av.
Archibald P. Wolford 2230 Archer av.
The Billiard Halls of Chicago 1892  (pictured above)
Billiard Table Companies of Chicago 1892
As listed in the Lakeside Chicago Business Directory
Billiard Table Companies of Chicago 1892 (pictured above)

C.G. Akam Manufacturing Co.    22 Adams
Brunswick - Balke - Collender Co.     factory 168 N. Market cor. Huron,
main salesrooms and offices 263 and 265 Wabash.
The Brunswick Company    84, 86 and 88 Franklin
John Butzbach   44 Peterson
The Garden City Billiard Table Co.   179 to 183 Illinois
The Merle & Heaney Mnfg. Co.
Chas. Passow & Son   862 to 870 Allport bet. 21st and 22d
Jacob Salomon    54 W. Randolph
Tuckhorn & Co.  12 N. Halstead

Jake "The Wizard"  Schaefer Cigars
Mark Kennicott   77  31st
Kilboy & Cunningham  345 Loomis
William L. Knott  507 W. Madison
Lester Leshnick  66 N.State
Robert R. Levy  4702 Calumet
William Lloyd   951 W. 63rd
Abraham L. Lofty  793  47th
Gerhard H. Lohmann  1015  W. 12th
Walter H. Loomis 104  39th
Mason & Osbon  1231 State
Leopold Melsels  659 N. Western av
Isaac Meyer  148 S. Halsted
W.P. Mussey & Co.104,106,108 Madison
Frank Perrault   223 63rd
Edwin A. Porter  519  47th
John Pujois  1123  W. Harrison
George M. Reams   958 W. Madison
Henry Rhines  178 Adams
Irvin O. Ricker   565 Perry
Charles Schaefer  595  43rd
Edward C. Schlemann 1065 W. North av
Arthur H. Schmidt   648 W. North av.
Gustav Schneider  850 W. Division
Emit? M. Schumacher 1412 N. Clark
Frank J. Smith  467 Lincoln av
J&Y Stearns  750 Belmont av
Simon S. Struhsacker  804 W. 120th
Gustaf Swanson   251 W. 63rd
Robert N. Taylor  549 W. 63rd
Melville D. Thomas ss. W. Irving Park
blvd. nr. N. 41st ct.
James G. Todd  158 79th
Fred Volkman  348  W. 69th
Frank O. Wilson  5148 State
Eugene W. Yeomans  146 Madison
Henry H.C. Ackermann    836 Armitage
James Adams     2934 Cottage Grove av
Charles G. Akam    3142 State
A.C. Anson Co.    141 Madison
Maurice L. Assenheim    291 W. 12th
Balke Bros    862 W. Vanburen
C.E. Barnard    1932 State
Walter W. Benjamin   1366 W. Madison
Charles Blow    1171 Milwaukee av
Brunswick Billiard Hall   75 Randolph
Arthur M. Clarke   519 W. Madison
Henry T. Connery    669 W. Lake
Thomas E. Craft    825 W. 47th
A.E. Cubberley   486 W. Madison
Joseph Cunningham  1220 W. Vanburen
William H. Curl    2910 State
Frank Daley   634  43rd
John L. Davy   330 Grand av
Burrell W. Douglass   1904 Dearborn
Mrs. Mary Eckert   1632 N. Clark
Thomas Foley  1, 209 State
Elmer P. Foster    278  92nd
Samuel Foster    685 Grand av.
Edward J. Gibbons    200 N. State
Glover & Collins   419 W. Fullerton
Green & Catton   163  Dearborn
Adelbert S. Haight   3831 Cottage Grove
Adolf Halperin  224 Milwaukee av
Richard B. Hamilton   652 N. Clark
Henry Hartwig   518  W. 63rd
John Higgins  18 Colorado av
Edward A. Ingraham 271 55th,
5648 Jefferson av
Morris Jacobs  275 W. Division
John F. Jeffrey  2960 State
Johnson & McGee  826 W. Division
The Billiard Halls of Chicago 1899
As listed in the: Chicago Business Directory
Billiard Table Companies of Chicago 1899
As listed in the Chicago Business Directory
Billiard Table Companies of Chicago 1899 (pictured above)
C.G. Akam Mnfg Co.    10 and 12 Adams
The Brunswick - Balke - Collender Co.
sales-rooms and offices 263 and 265 Wabash av.
Joseph L. Fowler  627 W. Vanburen  [ might be 672]
Adam Jochem  722 Melrose
Chas. Passow & Sons   196 and 198 Washington and 862 to 870 Allport

1899 Envelope from Chicago billiard table maker Charles Passow & Sons
The Billiard Halls of Chicago 1899 (pictured above)
Brunswick " Auditorium " 1890 to 1894
Brunswick " Chicago " 1890 to 1894
Brunswick " Cabinet No. 1 " 1890 to1900
" Cabinet No. 2 " 1890 to1894
Brunswick " Cambridge " 1890 to1910
The Brunswick " Economy "    1895 to 1908
Brunswick " Home Circle "   1898
The Brunswick " International "   1898 to 1906
Brunswick " Jewel "   1890 to 1896
Brunswick " Northern "  1890 to 1896
The Brunswick " Oxford "  1898 to 1911
Brunswick "Pendennis" 1890 to 1896
Brunswick " Plaza " 1890 to 1896
The Brunswick " Pfister "   1898 to 1911
Brunswick " Revolving "   1898
The Brunswick " Royal Cabinet "   1895 to 1901
Brunswick "Southern"  1890 to 1911
The Brunswick "Saratoga " 1898 to 1911
Brunswick "Universal" 1890 to 1898
Brunswick "Union League " 1890-1899
Brunswick's "Billiard Experts of the World"  promo poster, late 1800s
Image from: "Pool & Billiard Collectibles " © Mark & Connie Stellinga
Image from: "Pool & Billiard Collectibles " © Mark & Connie Stellinga

A well preserved 1890's glass door sign from the Metropolitan (Hotel) Billiard Hall
The Metropolitan Hotel still exists today.
Image from: "Pool & Billiard Collectibles " © Mark & Connie Stellinga

Patent #25,646  June 16, 1896  Moses Bensinger - Rail Bolt Cover
Courtesy Joe Newell Collection
To read more about the case (in The Northeastern Reporter)  click here

News: Dec 10, 1893  Meeting of the Champions
"The Big Billiard Tournament To Begin To-Morrow". Nice long narrative article
including pictures of several well known players. Players mentioned: "modest "
George F. Slosson, "Ambitious" Frank C. Ives, "Wiry little" Jacob Schaefer, Maurice
Daly, J.R. Heiser, Sexton, Vignaux, McLoughlin, Gallagher, Carter
Image from: "Pool & Billiard Collectibles " © Mark & Connie Stellinga

Nov. 1899  Future billiard champion Ralph Greenleaf is born in Monmouth, IL
Image from: "Pool & Billiard Collectibles " © Mark & Connie Stellinga



May 1, 1893  The World's Columbian Exposition - aka - The Chicago World's Fair
An enormous World's Fair held in Chicago to celebrate the 400th anniversary of
Christopher Columbus' arrival in the New World. An amazing event even by today's
Click here to read the official 1893 Exposition Program. (PDF)

To visit another website dedicated to the event click here

Brunswick set up an impressive exhibition at the event, including a display of their
high quality cabinetry and bar work, a display of rare ivory, and of course several  
billiard tables, including one that was dubbed: "
The Most Expensive Billiard Table in
the World
".   Below: four images of their exhibition from an 1899 Brunswick catalog.

Left top: View from outside the "booth". Right top: Cabinetry and bar display room.
Bottom left: Ivory display. Bottom right: Table display. Courtesy Joe Newell Collection