News: Feb 16, 1901  Close Billiard Finish - Conklin Wins by One Point
"C. Fred Conklin of Chicago beat Charles Threshie of Boston last night in the tenth
and concluding game of the Class A championship series.

Patent # 34,382    Feb. 23, 1901  Otto F. Bartel (assignor BBCC)
Billiard table design.

Patent # 675,842  June 4, 1901  John C. Shank (assignor BBCC)
[Billiard] Game table.

News: Nov 24, 1901  Hoppe Lost Match
Schaefer and Slosson Practice. Mention of new American Baseball league attached.

News: Dec 1, 1901   Among the Billiardists - Slosson makes run of 125
Schaefer scores good average. Young Willie Hoppe beats Barutel.

News: Dec 6, 1901  Ladies Watch Billiards - Slosson and Morningstar winners
"George Slosson and Ora C. Morningstar...were the victors yesterday in the billiard
tournament for the championship of the world which is now in progress.

News: Dec 22, 1901 Schaefer defeats Barutel
Description of match. Schaefer plans exhibition matches in France.

A Beautiful Billiard Themed Calendar From 1901


News: Feb 14, 1902   C.F. Conklin Won and Lost
"Chicago expert victor by seven points in afternoon game of Class A billiard
Players mentioned: Wilson P. Foss, Conklin, Sigourney, W.S. Bash,
Charles Davis, Mial, Norris
+ others

News: Dec 21, 1902  Billiards for Amateurs
Knickerbocker billiardist encounter - Trouble with their new club -
Jacob Schaefer in bad condition, hands crippled.
Players mentioned: Poggenburg, Schaefer, Albro Akin, Dr. Miller, Slosson, A.L.
Ranney, William Mussey, W.W. Kellog of Houston, E.G. Schevenell of Mason City
Iowa, Charles T. Conklin of Chicago, Dr. Harley Parker, Charles Norris, Charles
Threshie of Boston, Arthur Townsend, De Mun Smith of St. louis, Wilson P. Foss

Billiard Champions Schaefer, Slosson & Sutton  early 1900's
Image from: "Pool & Billiard Collectibles " © Mark & Connie Stellinga


Patent # 36,662  Dec 1, 1903   John Ehrenpreis (assignor BBCC)
Design for Billiard Table.

News: Dec 20, 1903  First Annual National Amateur Billiard Association Tourny
Preparations under way. Players and officials mentioned: Rudolph Schaefer, Robert
C. Kaemmerer, Charles Foster, Gus Rudolphy, J. Ferdinand Poggenburg, H.B.
Scharman, A.F. Troescher, William Klenke, Maurice Daly, Dr. A.L. Ranney, Arthur
Marcotte, Edward H. Gardner, Wilson P. Foss, Arthur Townsend, De Munn Smith,
Charles Conklin, Charles Norris, Wyman McCreary, Frank Ives, Benjamin Garno,
Sexton, J. Schaefer, Dr. Mial, Gershel, G.H. Moore, F. Airy, J. Donaldson, T. Cooper,
F. Wright, H. Hall,  and others....

Several souvenir pocket-mirrors from various billiard halls. Early 1900's
Images from: "Pool & Billiard Collectibles " © Mark & Connie Stellinga



News: January 13, 1904  Billiardists Matched - Sutton's World Title in Question
Vignaux and Sutton to Play.

Patent # 767,922  August 16, 1904  Moses Bensinger (assignor BBCC)
Compound Billiard Cloth.

News:  Nov 13, 1904  Billiard Season Rich in Promise
"Noted Amateurs and Professionals Planning for Big Matches"
Players mentioned:
Wilson P. Foss, J. Ferdinand Poggenburg, Maurice Vignaux,
George Sutton, Jacob Schaefer, Slosson, Ora Morningstar, Leonard Howison, William

Inside a Brunswick factory, circa 1904-06
Below left to right:
Slate drilling machine, cue splice cutting, ball press room         
Image from: "Pool & Billiard Collectibles " © Mark & Connie Stellinga

News: Feb 13, 1905    Rules On Billiards Should Be Uniform
No regular code to cover all points in championships. Poggenburg and reform.

Patent # 790,040  May 16, 1905  John Ehrenpreis (assignor BBCC)
Combined sofa and billiard table.

News: Nov 26, 1905   Billiard Champions to play for Gold Cup
"Notable meeting between Conklin, Gardner and Poggenburg" Players mentioned:  
present national champion -
C.F. Conklin, ex-champions - Edward P. Gardner and J.
F. Poggenburg, Wilson Foss, Ref Ed McLaughlin, Tom Flynn, Tom Gallagher
don't forget
, "Friday night is ladies night at the tournament"
News: Feb 16, 1906  Cold Affects Billiards
Thomas Gallagher of Chicago vs Alexander Taylor, champion of IL

News: March 17, 1906  National Amateur Championship
Players mentioned: Poggenburg, Conklin, Gardner, Demarest, Wright, Norris,
Gallagher, Hoppe, McLaughlin

April 18, 1906  The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906  


News:  March 6, 1907  National Amateur Championship - Mark Twain in attendance
Gardner beats Conklin in national tournament game.

News:  March 16, 1907 Chicago In Lead With Billiards
Conklin and Demarest Sweep National Amateur Tournament

Patent # 342,672  May 14, 1907  Martin Nix (assignor to Merle & Heaney Mfg Co.)
Combined Billiard & Pool Table.

Patent # 861,148    July 23, 1907    Oscar E. Smith
Billiard Cushions.

News: Oct 13, 1907   Busy Season for Billiard Players
"Amateur and professional billiard players will be kept busy this winter. "
Players mentioned:
Jacob Schaefer, George Sutton, George Slosson, William F.
Hoppe, Ora Morningstar, Albert C. Cutler, J.A. Hendricks, William Gerson, J.
Whitehead, Dr. Beck, M. Isaacs, D. Weiner, W.H. Leonard, John Horgan, Jerome
Keogh, Maurice Daly

Ora Morningstar                                       George Sutton


Patent #945,150  Jan. 8, 1908   Harold G. Barrett (assignor John H. Lee)
Easy re-cloth billiard table

News: Jan 14, 1908 Americans Accept French Challenge
International Amateur Billiard Tournament to be played

News: May 6, 1908  World Amateur Billiard Title For Demarest
Defeats Lucian Re Rolle. Brilliant run at finish

(been waiting for a repeat ever since)


News: Jan 5, 1909  Demarest wins in Chicago.
The armless billiard expert George H. Sutton wins against J. M. Millete.
Frank Hoppe (Willie's father) plays match against James Blair.
See also: 1918 for an additional article on George H. Sutton

News: Jan 10, 1909  Demarest Arouses Billiard Fans  
Young expert striving to become champion professional.
Schaefer his best tutor.

Patent # 923,249  June 1, 1909  Harmon F. Davenport (assignor BBCC)
Convertible pocket-carom billiard table.

News: Oct 2, 1909  Billiard Players Plan Tournaments
Room keepers to take control of professional and amateur competitions from
[table] makers. National body In view. Sweeping changes contemplated in the
conduct of billiard affairs.

News: Dec 4, 1909  Demarest Wins Billiard Title
Beats fellow Chicagoan George Sutton (former champion) for the 18.2 world title.

Chicago Population: 1,698,575

A report issued on tenement conditions in Chicago
estimated that in 1900 there were 960,000 people in Chicago without
bathing facilities in their homes. The city operated
3 free public baths.

Click here for Pocket Billiard scores and records from 1900-1910

Click here for 3-cushion scores and records from 1878-1929

Click here to see maps of Chicago in the 1900s

Book:  100 Photographic views of Chicago  (PDF)
Rand, McNally & Co.  1900

News: Sept 2, 1900  Difficult Billiard Playing
The Pros speak out against 18" Balk-Line "no shot in" game.
Players mentioned:
Schaefer, Catton, Carter, Sutton, Daly, Sexton, Ives,
Green, Capron, Slosson

News: 12/15 1900  Amateur Billiards - Kellogg and Hendrick Winners
W.W. Kellogg of Chicago and John A. Hendrick of NY were the winners..

Excerpt from: World Almanac & Book of Facts: 1900
A list from the almanac of all the (U.S.) billiard record and title holders
for the year

Early photo of Willie Hoppe @ 1900
The Brunswick "Algeria"  1906 - 1911
Ackermann Henry H.C.  836 Armitage av
Akam Charles G.   3142 State
Akson Samuel,   1926 State
Anson A.C. Co.   141 Madison
Assenhelm Maurice L.   291 W.12th
Beers & Dawson,   825 Milwaukee av
Benjamin Walter W.  1366 W. Madison
Bensinger Louis,  108 Randolph
Bergman George A.  486 W. Madison
Blickhahn Bros.  9223 State
Braman Louis E.  147 N. Park av
Brunswick Billiard Hall, 75 Randolph
Bugg Charles,   2759 W. lake
Campbell & Williams   331 W. Randolph
Chapman Philip,  3202 State
Clarke Arthur M.   519 W. Madison
Cochran & Pope   95 S. Halsted
Curl William H.  2910 State
Davy John L.  485 Ogden av
Engstrom John,  465 N. Clark
Erwin G. L.   372 S. Western av
Foley & Co.   1, 209 State
Foster Samuel,   685 Grand av
Gibbons Edward J.   200 N. State
Ginsburg Morris,  359 W.14th
Goodman Samuel,  800 S. Halsted
Green Clarence E.  575 N. Clark
Green & Catton,   163 Dearborn
Greenebaum Moses,    617 Grand av
Haight Adelbert S.  3831 Cottage Grove av
Hartwig Henry,    518 W. 63d
Hess Simon H.   336 N. Park av
Higgins John,  18 Colorado av
Hirschfeld Saul, 1190 Milwaukee av
Ingraham Ed. A.    5548 Jefferson av
and 194  55th
Jacobs Morris,   275 W. Division
Jeffrey John F.  3004? State
Johnson & McGee,  787 W. North av
Knott William L.   507 W. Madison
Levy Robert R.    745  47th
Lloyd William,   5042 S. Ashland av
Lohmann Gerhard H.   1015 W. 12th
Loomis Walter H.    96  39th
Lufsky Charles,   147 W. Jackson boul
McDaniel Albert G.   66 N. State
Means John W.   418  31st
Meisels Leopold, 659 N. Western av
Minucciani Andre,  670 W. Vanburen
Mussey W.P. & Co  
104,106 and 108 Madison
Nelson George B.  239 N. Wells
Perrault Frank, 223  63d
Reams George M.  958 W. Madison
Reeves Edward,  104 S. Halsted
Rhines Henry,  178 Adams
Rogers Fred J.  9219 Commercial av
Schlitz Nicholas, 3180 N. Ashland av
Schmidt Arthur H. 648 W. North av
Smith Frank J.   467 Lincoln av
Smith & Talley,   725 W. 120th
Struhaacker Simon S.  804 W. 120th
Taylor Eugene,   209  21st
Todd James G.   158  79th
Todd William,   6224 S. Ashland av
Volkman Fred,  348 W. 69th
Walker John W.  2530  State
Waters  James T. 443  43d
Wenig Joseph, 3106 Wallace
Wilson Frank O.  5148 State
Woodmansee O.C. 544 W. Madison
Yeomans Eugene W.  146 Madison
The Billiard Halls of Chicago @ 1900
Image from: "Pool & Billiard Collectibles " © Mark & Connie Stellinga

The Billiard Table Companies of Chicago, Circa 1900
As listed in the Lakeside Chicago City Directory
The Billiard Halls of Chicago ~1900 ( from image above)
Jerome Keogh                                                       'Willie' Hoppe


Excerpts from:  The Book of Chicagoans;
"A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of Chicago."
A.N. Marquis & Co. 1905

Click here to read a bio of Julius Balke (Brunswick partner)

Click here to read a bio of Louis (& Charles) Passow (billiard table makers)

Click here to read a bio of  " Captain"  A.C. Anson (billiard and baseball great)
Adrian Constantine Anson
, better known as "Cap Anson" was a champion
first-baseman, the captain of his own team (
Anson's Colts ), the captain and manager
of the Chicago national team -
and an accomplished billiard player and billiard hall
owner in Chicago
. Like many sports figures of the time, he also was featured on
several sets of tobacco cards.  
See Additional photos below

Coincidentally, Cap was also a personal mentor of, and had a huge influence on the
future billiard champion and fellow crossover player, Ora Morningstar.
Anson died April 14, 1922, three days before his 70th birthday.  See also
The Brunswick "Delaware"  1904-1911         The Brunswick "Warwick"  1904-1911
The Brunswick "Delrey"  1905-1911
The Brunswick "Empire"  1906 - 1911
The Brunswick "Home Comfort"  1908 - 1915
Future Billiard Champion Ralph Greenleaf  in the 1900 census at 7 months old.
Ralph grew up in his Grandparents home (Dr. McCleary) with his mother Laura and
father William. (click image to see full size)
The Brunswick "Home Pastime "  1900 -1904
The Brunswick "Home Mission"  1900 -1904
SDN-004562  1905                                                 SDN-004563  1905
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum

Wright, Demarest, Poggenburg, Norris, Gardner, Conklin
The Brunswick "Monterey Mission"  1905-1911
The Brunswick "Old Mission"  Style B  1906 - 1911
The Brunswick "Rochester" 1906-1924      The Brunswick "Wellington" 1906-1911
The Brunswick "Remington"  1908 - 1922
The Brunswick "St. Bernard"  1906 - 1911
A Brunswick "St. Bernard" table was used in the " All Star " Tournament
Held at Orchestra Hall in Chicago, May 7-12, 1906.  
(see news article and photo below)

News:  May 9, 1906  Hoppe and Slosson Win
NY players easy victors so far in Chicago "All Star" billiard tournament.

"All Star" (Balkline) Tournament in Chicago May 7-14, 1906
The photo shows Schaefer and Sutton poised to lag for the opening shot.
The Brunswick "Narragansett"  1904-1911    The Brunswick "Newport"  1904-1911
The Brunswick "York"  1904-1911           The Brunswick "Challenge"  1904-1915
The Brunswick "Century "  1900 -1904
Wright, Norris, Stork & Gardner
SDN-002802 1904 Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum

Wright & Sigourney
SDN-009581, Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum

1905 Colored People's Blue Book - ( Billiard Hall Listings )   D.A. Bethea
No text on back.

Card images from:
Library of Congress
baseball cards 1887-1914
SDN-054109                                                          SDN-003715
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum

'Cap' Anson 1911
Below: "Anson's Colts"  1908                         Below:  (center) 'Cap' Anson 1905
SDN-003516  1905                     SDN-004285 1905                          SDN-003185 1905
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum
note: all three appear to have been taken at the same location...
Anyone know where?

Frank Hoppe and his son William F. "Willie" Hoppe
Jake Schaefer Sr.                 Jake Schaefer Sr.                         John Daly
SDN-004396 1905                         SDN-004331  1905
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum

Al Taylor watching Schaefer Sr.                                 H.A. Wright                
SDN-004340 1905                                         SDN-003255  1905
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum

Gardner w/ Wright shooting                      Demarest w/ Conklin shooting          
SDN-004560 1905                                                SDN-004561  1905
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum

Norris w/ Poggenburg shooting                    Chicago Athletic Association              
Image from: Library of Congress LC 6a34427u

Cure                                                          McLaughlin              
SDN-004619 1906                                         SDN-004621  1906
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum

Jacob "Jake" Schaefer Sr.                      William F. "Willie" Hoppe             
SDN-004630 1906                                                SDN-004633  1906
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum

Note:The above 4 photos were taken at the same location. Notice the Brunswick promo poster up
on the wall behind the players, as well as the time/cost register hanging (left) in the foreground.
Anyone know where?

Norris                                                             J. H. Bennett          
SDN-003149 1906                                                SDN-005139  1906
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum

Demarest                                     Ferris                             A. Brown & G. Wheeler
SDN-003144 1906                             SDN-003147 1906                      SDN-005102  1906
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum

DeOro                                                               Tom Foley
SDN-004744 1906                                                   SDN-004604  1906
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum
SDN-005247 1907                                     SDN-006095  1907
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum
Note: George Sutton also ran a local billiard hall at 168 W. Adams.
Thomas Hueston                          Jerome Keogh                    Clarence Jackson   
SDN-006767 1908                        SDN-006770   1908                      SDN-006684 1908
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum

Ref. Frank Bayes                              Ed Pelletier                              Horace Lean         
SDN-006805 1908                          SDN-006799  1908                     SDN-006797  1908
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum

'Tennessee' Brown & C. Jackson                      Player & Ref.  Benny Allen         
SDN-006496 1908                                                SDN-006807  1908
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum

May 1908 "All Star" Balkline Tournament - Orchestra Hall, Chicago
SDN-003187  1905
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum
Priceless shot !



159 Billiard Halls of Chicago ~ 1906
As recorded in: 14th Annual Report of the Factory Inspectors of Illinois.
Year ending 1906. Phillips Bros. State Printers 1908

(Click images to see list full size)
Below left to right: Slate grinding machine, cue assembly area, hand carving...
Images courtesy Joe Newell Collection
SDN-002813 1904   Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum

1904 Report on Municipal Revenues in Chicago
The report shows that citywide, billiard license fees were only collected on 963 tables.
(Click to see full size)
Brunswick's "Billiard Experts of The World" Promo Poster (1900s version)
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Image from: "Pool & Billiard Collectibles " © Mark & Connie Stellinga
LC-DIG-ggbain-08728                                         LC-DIG-ggbain-08707u

George Slosson
LC-DIG-ggbain-02800               dates unknown            LC-DIG-ggbain-01653

Martha Clearwater                                            Jacob Schaefer Jr.
Below: close-up from image above showing Hoppe and Schaefer lagging
Find out who else attended the match by clicking here