News: Feb 8, 1911  Amateur World Championship Begins
Opening game is Conklin vs Mial. Also mentioned:  James Blair vs F.W. Gremmels,
George Moore & Alec Smith vs John Daly & Mike Donlin.

News:  Feb 10, 1911 Conklin Wins World Amateur Title
Former amateur title holder runs 95 against Joseph Mayer.
Also mentioned:
Dr. Mial, Ferd. Poggenburg and others.

Patent # 41,699  Aug 22,1911  Cicero Hine (assignor BBCC)
Design for billiard table.

Below: 1911 Postcard from world-famous Mussey's Billiard Hall
courtesy Chuckman Chicago Nastalgia             
News: Feb 4, 1912  Hoppe & Sutton To Play At The Astor [Hotel]
"Will be first big billiard match ever played at a leading Hotel in America"
Also mentioned:
Slosson, Schaefer, Cure', Cline, Daly, Collins, Maturo, D'Oro,
Carney, Walter Uffenheimer, Conklin, Brown

News:  March 10, 1912    Hoppe To Clash With Sutton & Other related stories
News of 8 year old billiard prodigy Myron Cade. Other players mentioned: Maurice
Daly, Morris D. Brown, Frank Ives, John Horgan, Joseph Carney, Edward Hubbell,
James Christensen, Frank Day, Jordan Lambert, Alfred D'Oro, John Ganzel, Fred
Blum, Thomas Hueston and others.

Patent # 1,041,148   Oct 15,1912    Alvin E. Newman
Spring loaded cue chalker

Patent #43,462    Oct. 26, 1912   John Lobstein (assignor Passow & Sons)
Billiard table design. (Lobstein married Passow's daughter)
April 1913 Chicago based Billiards Magazine, the most significant billiard
publication ever printed, begins circulation and will continue under that name until
1934. A preservation project is currently under way to scan every issue and make
them available online.
Click here to find out more.

Patent # 1,058,062  April 8, 1913  Jos. E. Jaufroid (assignor 1/3 to Ed. L. Kempf)
Billiard Table with rails marked for scoring.

Patent # 1, 068,485   July 29, 1913   John Albert Davidson
Leveling caster for billiard table or furniture.

News: Dec 28, 1913  " Billiard Outlook Poor " By Maurice Daly
The President of the Billiard Room Owner's Association claims that the "unsettled
condition of the country
" hurts the business end of the sport.
(An Interesting article that in many ways, still rings true to this day)

Patent # 1, 082,782   Dec 30,1913  Louis Weinberg & Max Maren
Detachable billiard cue tip and holder.

Below:  1913 Brunswick Letterhead
Courtesy of The Biggert Collection of Architectural Vignettes on Commercial Stationery, Avery
Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University.


The Great War - aka-  World War I  Begins.

Patent # 1,227,833    June 16, 1914    Joseph A. Russell
Automatic ball return to each player.

Patent# 1,157,940      Aug. 31,1914    Axel F. Hjort (assignor BBCC)
Convertible pocket billiard/carom table.


Patent # 1,241,194       June 7, 1915      Olaf Carlson & Hugo Pick
(assignor to Albert Pick & Co.)  Manufacturing of billiard cues.

July 15, 1915   A letter of thanks from Jake Schaefer's father in law
Appeared in Billiards Magazine Aug. 1915.   Charles Ursitti Collection


Petrie watches Taberski                                   Blankenship watches Clark
Patent# 1,268,418  Jan. 21, 1916  Theodore R. Treiber (assignor BBCC)
Billiard table design made of steel.

Patent # 1,221,107     Sept. 12, 1916      Dudley J. Sullivan
Billiard cue tip fastening.

Patent # 1,237,418  Nov. 1, 1916  Theodore R. Treiber (assignor BBCC)
Billiard table design made of steel.

Patent # 1,210,076  Dec 26, 1916    Harry A. Jost
Reinforced ferrule for cue tip.

Brunswick Offers Tables Made of Steel  ( two names but same table? )
Images from Billiards Magazine 1916 Charles Ursitti Collection


News: Feb 4, 1917  Many Cue Experts On Trail Of Hoppe & Other News
Sweeping Challenges of World's Billiard Champion Bring Flock of Replies.

News: May 6, 1917  Hoppe [and others] To Play In Red Cross Benefit.
Ticketed charity event at the Elk's Lodge featuring lectures and exhibition games
H.A. Wright, Jacob Schaefer, William Hoppe & Charles Peterson. Also
Welker Cochran, Albert Cutler, Robert Mortier, Cassignol, Taborski,
Stoutenburgh, Charles P. Miller of BBCC.


War-Time Conservation: No Heat On Mondays For Billiard Rooms.
The government restricts the use of coal for heating until the end of winter.

News: Jan 26, 1918  Billiard Wrangle: Hostilities Between De Oro & Kieckhefer
Dispute settled in Brunswick offices.
Others mentioned:
Dwyer, Mussey, Charles P. Miller

News: June 30, 1918 Chicago's Place in Cue History All Important
A review of famous matches and players from Chicago.

News:  Nov 15,1918   Hoppe Defeats Clark & Other Billiard News
Match played to benefit the United War Work Campaign. " The youngster " Ralph
was defeated by Shoemaker. Cochran vs Hustin. Clara Haywood vs
George Matthews
. Women's Pocket Tourny.

Miraculous George H. Sutton plays championship billiards with no hands. Literally.
Article originally appeared in Popular Science Monthly.

Cannefax                                                              Ellis
From Billiards Magazine April 1919 Charles Ursitti Collection

News: Aug 29, 1919  Billiard Room Owners Start War On Crooks
Illinois Billiard Association organizes efforts to keep billiard games "clean".

Hoppe (NY), Schaefer (Chicago) and Cochran (NY) among crack cue wielders in
World's Tourny. Also playing:
George Sutton (Chicago), George Slosson (Boston),
Ora Morningstar (Indiana), Koji Yamada (Japan)
Also mentioned:
Maurice Vignaux. (France)

News: Oct 5, 1919  Greenleaf Wins Twice - Enters Tourny
Ralph Greenleaf has entered the championship pocket billiard tournament to be
held in Philadelphia Dec 1-13.

November 11, 11am, World War I ends on "Armistice Day".
Now known as Veterans Day.

Perry Trump                                                        J.E. Cope
In his 1909 autobiography, Mr. Clemens wrote of his death:
" I came in with Halley's Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expect to
go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don't go out with
Halley's Comet. The Almighty has said, no doubt: 'Now here are these two
unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together. "

He got his wish...Samuel died two days after the comet reached its closest point.

News: June 1, 1910    Local Hero Cap Anson is Broke
May return to baseball after losing mortgage

News: Dec 7, 1910  Chicago Leads Country In Billiard Supplies
Interesting historic piece, boasting of Chicago's 850 billiard halls and the large
number of billiard tables and supplies produced in Chicago.
The ivory statistics alone are baffling.

News:  Dec 10, 1910   Slosson Assails Billiard Records
"Sutton and Hoppe not entitled to high run marks says Slosson."
"Cap" Anson beaten by George Moore and other game scores.

Left: Charles Baker & A.J. Pixley    Right: Pixley, Myers, Spand, Mellen Cushing, Baker
1910  SDN-055893                                                   1910 SDN- 055894
The Brunswick "Alexandria" 1912-1916      The Brunswick "Homewood" 1912-1915
SDN-061343    1918
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum.

The Brunswick "Arcade" 1918 - 1924
You can currently find an "Arcarde" table in use at the Illinois Billiard Club
The Brunswick "Baby Grand"   1914 - 1917
LC-DIG-ggbain-08843  1916

The Brunswick "Chateau" 1916-1919          The Brunswick "Cozy Home" 1916-1919
The Brunswick "Coreno" 1916-1919             The "Home Companion" 1916-1917
The Brunswick "Grand" 1917 - 1928
The Brunswick "Home Club"   1919 - 1928
The Brunswick "Hudson"  1919 - 1926
The Brunswick "Junior Grand" 1919 - 1928
The Brunswick "Marquette" 1912-1916          The Brunswick "Mikado" 1912-1915
The Brunswick "Quick Demountable" 1912 - 1916
The Brunswick "Jefferson"  1913 - 1915
The Brunswick "Kling"   1916
A beautiful table named after Johnny Kling, the nationally renowned Chicago Cubs
catcher and
World Pocket Billiards title holder of 1909.
Kling was also featured on many different sets of tobacco cards during his reign.
(see card examples and additional photos below)
The Brunswick "Regal" 1917
The Brunswick "Madison"  1916 - 1924
The Brunswick "Richelieu" 1912 -1915         The Brunswick "Regent" 1912 -1918
The Brunswick "Sultana" 1912 -1918          The Brunswick "Reno" 1912 -1915
Above:  Dean Demarest SDN-008579 1910
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum.

The Brunswick "Victor"  1910 - 1915
The Brunswick "Westminster" 1913 - 1917
Jake Schaefer Jr.                               W.H. Clearwater
             SDN-009551 1911                                             LC-DIG-ggbain-13812u  1911    
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum


The Brunswick "YMCA Special" 1912 -1915    The Brunswick "St. Elmo" 1912 - 1915

Chicago Population: 2,185,283

Click here for Pocket Billiard scores and records from 1910-1920

Click here for 3-cushion scores and records from 1878-1929

Click here to see maps of Chicago from the 1910s

News:  Feb 6, 1910   Cue Men of ' Yesterday ' Best
Catton compares old timers with current players

March 8, 1910 Jake "The Wizard" Schaefer Sr. died in Denver, CO.
Back in Chicago, during his funeral procession, billiard rooms all over
the city stopped play out of respect for the master.

His body was taken to the family plot at the beautiful and historic
Hill Cemetery
. See images below.
Others located at the family plot include: Jake's wife Mary Jane and her
father John Kammerer, Jake's brother Charles and Jake's son Jacob Jr.
The Billiard Table (and related ) Companies of Chicago ~ 1910
As listed in the 1910 Lakeside Chicago City Directory
*Billiard Chalk (manufacturers)
Spinks, Wm. A. & Co.  362 W. Erie

*Billiard Cloths and Supplies
Finkelstein, Harry  1710 W. Lake
Georgi, M. & Co.  1952 N. California
Hampel, Fritz  1471 Larrabee
Martin, Welcome O.  6650 S. State
Rothschild, Abraham A. & Co. 362 W.

*Billiard Cue Tips  (manufacturers)
Spinks, Wm. A. & Co.
362 W. Erie

*Billiard Cues & Supplies
Hampel, Fritz 1471 Larrabee
Billiard Tables. (manufacturers)
Akam Billiard Mfg. Co.    331 Wabash
Brederlow, Leo     224 W. Division
Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. 263-265
Economy Billiard & Fixture Co. 746-748
Fowler, J.L. Co.   1812 W. Lake
Fowler J.M. & Co.  1134 W. Lake
Haupt, Fred    2256 Ogden av
Kadin, Henry & Co.  1920-22 Milwaukee
Lohmann, Gerhard H.   2152 Washburne av
Merle & Heaney Mnfg Co. 188-190
Passow & Sons   832-840 W. Madison
*Billiard and Pool Table Supplies
Fowler, J.M. & Co.  1134 W. Lake
345  Billiard Halls of Chicago ~ 1910
As listed in the 1910 Lakeside Chicago City Directory
(Click image to see the whole directory page)
SDN-061688  1919  
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum.

News: Dec 13, 1919  Ralph Greenleaf Is Pool Champion
"Boy Wonder" clinches [his first world] title by defeating Edward Ralph in National
Tourny. The article erroneously claims that Greenleaf is 22 years old.

News: Dec 21, 1919  Billiard Players Have Busy Year
Overall look at the year - interesting information on players of the time.
Images from: Library of Congress baseball cards 1887-1914

Chicago billiard and baseball champion Johnny Kling
SDN-051793   1907                                             SDN-007002    1908
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum.                 
SDN-004342   1905
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum.

Ralph Greenleaf - Class President in High School.
Shown below is his 1916 freshman class photo from the yearbook.
Courtesy J.D. Dolan Collection
SDN-061368   1918                                             SDN-061369    1918
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum.

Augie Kieckhefer                 
SDN-061689   1919                                             SDN-061691    1919
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum.

Cope, McAndler,Trump              
April 21, 1910 Avid billiard player & author Samuel Clemens died.
(aka: Mark Twain)
President Wilson's White House Billiard Room Circa 1918
Image from: Billiards Magazine May 1918   Charles Ursitti Collection
Below: Burroughes & Watts Ivory Billiard Ball Stock; Worth Millions of Dollars.
Would Have Required A Line of Elephants Four Miles Long
Image from Billiards Magazine July 1919  Charles Ursitti Collection
SDN-060569 1916                                               SDN-060570 1916
Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum

Alfredo DeOro


News: Feb 9, 1919  Harder Test For Billiard Players - 18.1 For Title Competitions
An interesting and significant article historically - and for the political insight of the
players and the industry.  Players mentioned:
Schaefer, Vignaux, Hoppe, Cochran,
Daly, Bensinger, Sexton, Dion, Morris, Wallace.

The founder of "Mussey's" legendary billiard and bowling rooms retires for good.


News: Feb 2, 1913  Hoppe vs Sutton Again. & Other Billiard News
Players mentioned: Hoppe, Sutton, Morningstar, Daly, Slosson, Jackson, Conklin,
Collins, Tallman, Maupome, De Oro, Hueston, Marks, Kling & Allen.

Below ad appeared in Popular Mechanics April, 1913.  Click image to see more.
Bottom article and photo ran in Billiards Magazine March 1913
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