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News: Feb 14, 1949  Hoppe Topples Chamaco
Struggles with comeback

Patent # D154,103  June 14, 1949   Donald Deskey   assignor to Brunswick
'Modern' style cue rack

Aug. 26th, 1949  The Billiard Congress of America officially approved changing the
"standard" size pocket table from 5x10 feet to 4.5 x 9 feet.

News: Nov 3, 1949   Hoppe Topples Mosconi
Mosconi plays three-cushion sometimes, but it's obviously not the game he plays best.

Young Willie and Old Willie smoking all the way to the bank.
Ad appeared in Popular Mechanics April, 1949. Click on image to see more.


News: Jan. 5,1947   Greenleaf Sues Billiard Association (and Brunswick)
$100,000 suit for barring him from competition.

News: Jan. 8,1947   Hoppe and Peterson Play For University Professor
and the Science and Research Club.

News: Feb 1, 1947 Famed Chicago Cubs Catcher and Billiard Player JOHNNY KLING Died

News: March 15, 1947  Hoppe Captures Title Without Even Finishing Tourney
eight strait wins - no need to play more.

Willie Hoppe Appears In Gillette Ad - Popular Mechanics April, 1947.
Click on image to see more
WWII has ended



Patent # 2,410,247   Oct. 29,1946    John G. Smith
Automated hanging ball racker and storage

Patent # 2,395,675  Feb. 26, 1946   Harold J. Luth   assignor to Brunswick
Method of hardening cast phenolic resin (billiard balls)

News:  March 3, 1946   From Behind The Eight Ball  [ aka Who is this "Mosconi" kid? ]
A great article about the new kid on the block - Willie Mosconi.

News: Nov. 25, 1946  Hoppe and Schaefer Begin Another Match at Bensinger's
Winner takes home a cool $5000

Hoppe teaches the basics of Three-Cushion and the Diamond System
Article appeared in Popular Mechanics Nov. 1946.  Click image to read more.

WWII Under Way

"Colossus", the world's first electronic, digital, programmable computer was fired up.
Now everybody has one...

News: Jan. 24,1944   " The War Certainly Saved Billiards " Says Hoppe

News: Jan. 24,1944  " War Makes Youth Billiard Minded "  Says Hoppe

News: Jan 28, 1944   Hoppe King of Cue but Cochran Good Too
A prophetic article....Cochran soon takes the world title from Hoppe. See Jan. 1945.

WW II Under Way

News: Jan. 14, 1942  Quartet Leads In Billiard Tourney
World Three-Cushion Tournament has four undefeated players so far:
Hoppe, Chamaco, Cochran and surprisingly enough - Ralph Greenleaf

Patent # 2,273,239  Feb.,17 1942   Carl H. Weicker (Toronto)  Assignor to Brunswick
Improved Triangle Rack

News: Jul, 1943   Willie Hoppe is 'Pool Shark' to boys in camps

Patent # 2,297,264  Sept,1942   Modesto Veneri  ( of Italy )
Coin Operated Billiard Table

News: Oct. 10,1942    Billiard and Pool Prices To Be Controlled   ( war effort )
" These are places where workers in the war effort and members of the armed forces by
the thousands find relaxation after a day's work....We are going to see to it that they will not
be made to pay too much for their recreation

News:  Nov 15, 1942   The Life of Willie Hoppe
As featured in the Chicago Tribune


News: March 2(?), 1948  Potatoes Help Mosconi Achieve Fame
Young Willie practices with whatever he can.

News: March 2,(?) 1948   WGN To Broadcast From Navy Pier
Mosconi, Hoppe, and Ruth McGinnis to be interviewed on air.
[ Looking to find this recording. If you can help, please contact us.]

News: undated 1948   Mosconi and Hoppe Set  48' Cue Pace
The two men have almost every title under wraps for the year.

News: Dec. 28, 1948  Mosconi and Hoppe to Risk Titles.
Championship 3-cushion and pocket tourney to be held at Navy Pier, Chicago

Television now covers practically every major sport, including billiards.
Below: Hoppe may have been the first professional player to appear on TV.
Article appeared in
Popular Mechanics, Oct 1948. Click image to read more.


Cochran Takes 1944 World Three-Cushion Title From Hoppe (Temporarily)  
The story was published in Life Magazine Jan. 1st, 1945. Click on image to read more.

WWII Under Way

Patent # 2,333,709  Nov. 9, 1943  Alfred F. Debicki   assignor to Brunswick
Means of fastening slate to table.

Patent # 2,314,774  March 23,1943  Alfred F. Debicki  assignor to Brunswick
Pocket for billiard table

The Plastic Revolution Is In Full Swing : ( Click on article to read more)

WW II Under Way

News: Jan. 9th   Hoppe vs Schaefer title fight at Bensingers'
It turned out to be quite a dramatic match, with Hoppe collapsing on
the floor from a high fever...the articles below go into further detail:

News: Jan. 9th  Hoppe Collapses During Billiard Event

News: Jan. 10  Hoppe Improved After Collapse

Below: Jan 13 - Feb 14  World Three-Cushion Tournament Poster
Autographed by the players. Courtesy Kelly Hand Collection
News: March 5th  Schaefer Long Famous Name in Cue Game
6th article in a series featuring the great players of the day

News:  March 8th  Hoppe Original Boy Wonder of Billiard Game
9th article of the series...

News: May 19, 1940  Old Master of the Cue; Story of Willie Hoppe

News: Johny Layton and Woman Hit By Street Car

Below:  Brunswick Canadian models:
Canadian Club 1940  Empire 1940
Majestic 1940   Manchester 1940  
Paramount 'Canada' 1940
The Brunswick Paramount - 1940
Designed by the famous Donald Deskey. Click here to see the patent
Dec. 7th Japanese Launch Attack on Pearl Harbor Hawaii
Photograph below taken from a Japanese plane during the torpedo attack on ships moored on both sides of
Ford Island shortly after the beginning of the Pearl Harbor attack.
News: Undated 1945   "Professor" Jake Schaefer Returns To Teach
Opens billiard academy at Sheridan Plaza Hotel in Chicago

News:  May 29, 1945  Billiard Champion, Baseball Player and Artist Ora Morningstar died

Brunswick Celebrates Their 100 Year Anniversary...
with the release of two new 'flagship' models: The Anniversary and The Centennial.
Both the
Anniversary and Centennial were designed by the same two men: Robert I. Anderson
and Bert Hoeker of Grand Haven and Muskegon, Michigan respectively. And both models remain
very popular to this day.
Hoppe Plays Exhibition Match vs Local Champ James Vester. Fort Knox Military Base.
Images courtesy James Vester Jr.   See Also: Living Links
Irwin Rudolph vs local champ/room owner James Vester. Melrose Billiards, Nashville.
Images courtesy James Vester Jr. See Also: Living Links
The Federal Tax rate for billiards and bowling is doubled.
From: The Code of Federal regulation of the U.S.A. 1947
The new 'Cue and Cushion' billiard hall attracts the ladies in Springfield, IL
Article appeared in Life Magazine Nov.17,1947. Click image to read more