Ora C. Morningstar - A Man of Many Talents

The Indiana native Ora Morningstar was a roller-skating
champion, an accomplished baseball player, a world champion
billiard player and, surprisingly enough, a talented artist as well.
Apparently, painting was Mr. Morningstar's 'first love' even before
billiards, and he seems to have favored landscapes.

Recently in a unique turn of events, three different pieces of
Morningstar's original hand-painted artwork were found to exist -
but on opposite sides of the country. One was located in the
Southwest and two in the Midwest.
Could there be more...?  

Below is a photo of Ora Morningstar, his biographical
information, and three rich examples of his art.

Read his full biography here (4 pages)
From: The City of San Diego & San Diego County 1922  C. A. Mcgrew

Left: 1916 Article Ora's Love for Painting   Right:  Ora 1907
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We were contacted by a woman whose grandmother (Ann Kirschner) was renting a room in
Ora Morningstar's Pittsburgh home in 1913.

When Ann gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Morningstar gave her a painting he had done as
a gift. The painting still exists and can be seen below. Thank you to Ora for such a nice
gesture, and thank you to the Kirschner family for holding on to this treasure.
Below: Ora gets arrested for painting. As reported in December 1918 Billiards Magazine