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Document #1737    July 10, 1843
Petition of relation to ball allies & billiard rooms.
The signed petition: (Click on image to see full size)
Document #1737    July 10, 1843

From the petition shown above:

To the Mayor and Alderman of the City of Chicago in common council assembled;

The undersigned keepers of balls allies and billiard tables in said city, respectfully
represent that in consideration of the hard times and the decline of their business,
together with the increased value of city orders, they deem it equitable and proper that
a reduction should be made in the penalties imposed upon them by way of license or
revenue to the City. They have paid the penalties heretofore without complain; but they
hope the council will not continue to [exact of them]? more than a fair proportion when
compared with the other revenues from similar sources.

Most of the undersigned , if not all, pay the usual license for retailing liquors, in
addition to the penalties on the allies and billiard tables; and they see no reason why
the same reduction should not be made on the one as well as on the other; in fact the
business of the latter has decreased more in proportion than on the retail of liquors.

Inasmuch then, as the amount of penalties on ball allies and billiard tables was fixed
when they could afford to pay better, and the license for retailing [   ?   ] liquors was
just double what it now is, they therefore would respectfully suggest to your
consideration the propriety of ma-king a reduction of one half of the pen-alties on ball
allies and billiard tables, and humbly pray that the same may be done.

July 10, 1843

C.J. Russell
[ City Hotel - Corner of Randolph & Clark ]

Norman Rew
[ " Rew & Russell Grocery and Ball Alley " South Water St. ]

Nathaniel Gould
[ " Gould & Dodge Ball Alley and Grocery " South Water between State & Dearborn]

Martin Dodge
[ " Gould & Dodge " - see previous listing ]

John L. Dole
[ Billiard Hall ]