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Keeping Billiard History Alive and Well

Founded by Mr. D.B. Bond and Ms. Joanne M. Charron,
Chicago Billiard Museum is an Illinois non-profit institution
organized for the purposes of preserving, sharing, and promoting the
extensive history of billiard culture and industry in Chicago, and
across the United States.

In addition, our goal is a continued effort to invigorate the game(s),
illustrate their democratic and intellectual worth, and provide a
positive form of social interaction and sportsmanship that will not
only strengthen billiard related activities, but also facilitate and create
economic growth for the industry as a whole.


Meet The Board

The Chicago Billiard Museum Advisory Board was created to serve
as a living network of information and expertise on nearly every
aspect of American billiard culture, past and present.

The Board is comprised of many of the most talented, respected and
historically significant gentlemen in the billiard world today, therefore,
we wish to thank them for their various contributions and for their
willingness to assist us in our endeavors. In no particular order:

Rob Montgomery  -  Relic hunter, artifact expert
Joel Hercek  -  Cue expert, local legend
Will Prout  -  Cue expert, collector
Ivan Lee  -  Cue expert, cloth expert
Skip Nemecek  -  Chalk and tip expert, 100 yr family business
Jerimy Chambers  -  Table expert
Derrick Tiers  -  Table expert
John Burns  -  Table expert
Bill Burton  -  Antique and vintage literature
Bob Jewett  -  Literature, instructor, writer
George Fels  -  Local legend, writer extraordinaire

Jim Parker  -  Honorary member, Founder IBC, local legend
Stan Laner  -  Honorary member, retired 100 yr family business


Research Assistance

While we cannot offer appraisals or evaluations of antiques, we can
offer research assistance for (American) billiard related subject
matter. Everything from tables and companies to the players as well.

The minimum fee for research assistance is a donation of $25,
depending on the extent of the research and time involved. Contact
us with any questions that you might have and we'll be happy to
discuss what you are looking for.

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