The Chicago Billiard Museum online archive is updated and
corrected regularly. Below are the most recent major additions:

In several sections, 4 new articles, 4 new photos, 2 new books.

In the
Billiard Companies section: 6 new company profiles
as well as 4 new nameplate images. Including
National, Keuhl, Schaaf, Hand, Bailey, Garden City.

In the Reading Room: 3 new books added.
Charles Cotton's Compleat Gamester from 1725, 1734, and 1754.

In the Billiard Companies section: William Spinks factory photos
In Niles, Michigan. Nine images including one of his partner Edmund Hoskin.

On the Living Links page: Herman Rambow family photo.
Including images of a personalized cue made for his grandson Albert.

In the time-line 1869 and 1875 : 2 Billiard-themed piano tunes.
Originally published in 1869. Recorded for the first time in 2012.
"The Brunswick Polka" and "Billiards on the Brain"

In the Portrait Gallery: 17 new portraits
Including Hugh Collender, Michael Phelan, Thomas Foley, Moses Bensinger

In the  Billiard Companies section: 5 new company profiles.
New information on billiard table makers that were not based in Chicago.

In the time-line 1860-1870: First Illinois State Championship
Rare image almost lost to fire of 1871. Organized by Phelan, won by Foley

In the Reading Room: Seven additional books added.
Including works from local legend Adrian "Cap" Anson and Thomas Foley.

In the Portrait Gallery: Five new portraits including:
Patrick Sheehan and William Spinks in the Chicago Companies section.

In Chicago Companies: National Billiard Supply company profile.
The Finklestein's family company dominated the Lake Street corridor.

In the time-line 1930-1940 : "The Father of Modern Plastics"
A CBS radio skit from Jan. 13th,1937 portraying Hyatt's discovery of modern
plastics while trying to invent an ivory substitute for billiard balls.

In the Reading Room: (Update) Living Links and Billiard History
A great collection of family heirloom photos from George B. Sutton

In Chicago Companies: Rambow Memorial completed.
Cue making legend Herman Rambow gets a new memorial grave marker.

In the Reading Room: Ora Morningstar - A Talented Man
Newly discovered paintings done by the world champion billiard player.

In the time-line: 1900-1910  Eight new player photographs
Including: DeOro, Martha Clearwater, Jerome Keogh, George Slosson etc

In the time-line: 1830-1850: Political satire cartoon
depicting the 1836 presidential race in the form of a billiard game. See 1836

In the time-line 1880-1890: Allen & Ginter's tobacco card images.
Including billiard champions and other sports as well. See 1888.

In the Reading Room: Living Links and Billiard History
A great collection of James Vester memorabilia from Nashville, TN

In the Reading Room: 15 additional books.
Including works by Brunswick, Phelan (& Collender) and William A. Spinks.

In the Portrait Gallery: B. E. Brunswick portrait with bio.
Benjamin Brunswick was the company president from 1904-1935

In the time-line 1890-1900: 1895 National billiard industry stats.
New York has the most companies but Chicago produces almost 5x as much.

In the time-line 1870-1880: Billiard & Smoking Room Etiquette 1874
Mind your manners and wear a jacket around the ladies

In Chicago Companies: William Blome profile.
Expert ivory turner and producer of billiard balls.

On YouTube: Billiard History Promo Video
See how billiard culture has changed over time...
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