Left: Early Chicago room owner Harvey C. Doty. 8/19    Right: George B. Dryden 12/18
The Billiard Ambassadors

Now you can look billiard history straight in the eye, for these are
the men who made it. These are the heroes and the professionals
who in many ways shaped the industry, the games we play and the
equipment we use to this day. A veritable who's-who of the billiard
world. Additions and/or nominations welcome.

Section 1 - Chicago icons featured in Billiards Magazine.
Note: The date of the article and/or portrait (month and year) is shown with
each caption. A very special Thank You to
Billiards Digest magazine and to
Charles Ursitti for his
Billiards Magazine preservation efforts.
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Left: Gerald Finklestein 2/23  Right: Dave Finklestein 1/23
Left: Tom Foley 9/23   Center: Thomas Phelan Foley 6/23     Right:  W.A. Gardner 2/16
Tom Foley birthday bio click here. 9/23        Tom Foley died click here. 11/26
Right: Greenleaf & wife#1 4/23 Center: Charles L. Hart 5/23  Right: Edward C. Hamer 5/26
Hamer bio click here
Above: Louis A. Bensinger  6/28
Above left: John N. Kammerer; father-in-law and close friend of Jacob Schaefer Sr.  2/16
Above right: another article on Kammerer 9/15 -- page 2 of that article is here.
Left: Gerald J. Keefe 7/19     Center: Gerald J. Keefe 6/26      Right: A. Kieckhefer 1/18
Keefe bio click here.   Page 2
Left: Sydney Laner 6/29   Center: 1919 George Leffingwell     Right: John Lorimer 4/23
Left: "Masked Marvel X " 9/19  (From Chicago?)           Right: Mr. & Mrs. McAndless 7/28
Left: J.C. McFarland 9/19    Center: W.P. Mussey 4/24     Right: Mussey bio 4/24
Left: S. Nemecek 12/23   Center: Walter Phipps 9/26  Right: Lansing Perkins 7/16
Left: Patrick Sheehan  10/29     Right:   Patrick Sheehan and George Kane 11/26  w/bio
Left: Michael Phelan                       Center: John M. Brunswick                 Right: Julius Balke Sr.
Above Left: Adrian "Cap" Anson 10/23  Above Right: "Anson Day"
Below: Anson article from 12/15
Another Anson article click here 10/23
Left: J. Schaefer Jr. 10/23  Center: Charles Schaefer 4/24  Right: L. Schueneman 9/28
Above: Goldammer Brothers 11/25   Above right: Clarence Green and bio  4/17
Above and Below: Norman E. Bensinger  11/18
Left : John Lorimer bio 3/23   Right: Charlie Matthews 11/22
Left: Louis Petersen 7/20  Center: Joseph Rosenburg 3/29  Right: Erwin Rudolph 4/28
Section 2  -  The following men were not from Chicago, but because of their individual
merits and contributions to the development of American billiards, we felt it necessary
to include and recognize them here.
Images from: Gleanings From The History of Billiards  BBCC 1896  (except where noted)
Left: B.H.Brunswick                 Center:  Anthony F. Troescher         Right: Troescher bio  12/23
Left:: Charles Tennes 8/19   Center: T.R. Treiber 4/24   Right: Oscar Tweeten 12/29
Left: Milo O. Wiesner 11/20                              Right: Thomas Wadleigh and bio 7/22
Above left: Joseph "Joe" Capron 9/25   Above right: Charles Carnie and bio 7/22
Above: Calvin Demarest  with obituary 7/25
Above: Edmund F. Hoskin 6/23  Above right: Henry Kadin and bio  12/25
Above: Harmon F. Davenport and bio 12/25
Above:  Rocky Wolfe & Wife 9/28   Billiards Writer and WLS Personality
 Left: Moses Bensinger            Center: B.E. Brunswick       Right: B.E. Brunswick  read bio here*
                            *Image and bio from: Chicago - It's History and It's Builders  Vol. 5   1912
Left: Frank Mann 8/23     Center: Anson L. McCallum 10/20     Right: Charles R. Morin 5/21
Left: Alfred H. Spink  6/28  w/bio                                              Right: William A. Spinks 1/23
Section 3 - Again, because of their merits and contributions to the development of
American billiards, we felt it necessary to include and recognize them here.
Images from: Spink Sport Stories.... Vol. 2  1921 Al Spink. Courtesy Bob Jewett collection.
Left: Charles P. Miller      Right: Miller in Billiards Magazine 8/23    Right: John Wesley Hyatt
Miller bio can be read here   Hyatt image from: Nitrocellulose Industry 1911
Thomas Foley                                                             Michael Phelan
Moses Bensinger                                            John M. Brunswick
Louis A. Bensinger                                           Hugh W. Collender
Benjamin H. Brunswick                                          Julius Balke Jr.
Jacob Schaefer Sr.                                                   Maurice Vignaux
Jacob Schaefer Jr.                                                  Ralph Greenleaf
Johnny Kling                                                     John McDevitt
Clara Katherine Haywood                                           Adelina Patti
                                        Thomas J. Gallagher