Chicago History
(All books are PDF files)

1844  General Directory/ Business Advertiser of the City of Chicago
J. W. Norris, Ellis & Fergus.
1855-6  The Chicago City Directory and Business Advertiser
Robert Fergus
1858-59 Illinois State Gazetteer & Directory
George W. Hawes
1860 Illinois State Business Directory
J.C.W. Bailey & Co.
1862  History of Chicago; It's Commercial and Manufacturing Interests...
I. D. Guyer
1863  Chicago City Directory
Halpin & Bailey
1864-65 Illinois State Gazetteer & Directory
J.C.W. Bailey
1866  Laws and Ordinances Governing the City of Chicago
Joseph E. Gary
1866 Edward's Chicago Directory (Business only)
Richard Edwards
1867-68  John C.W. Bailey's  Chicago Business Directory
John C.W. Bailey
1869-70 Edwards Annual Directory City of Chicago
Richard Edwards
1870  Edwards Business Directory... City of Chicago
Richard Edwards
1871 Edwards Annual Directory... City of Chicago
Richard Edwards
1871 Census Report & Directory Vol I (A-G)
R. Edwards
1872  Chicago and the Great Conflagration
Elias Colbert, Everett Chamberlin
1873  Laws and Ordinances Governing the City of Chicago
Murray F. Tuley
1874 The Great Revolution;...Rise and Progress of the People's Party in Chicago
M.L. Ahern
1873  The Stranger's Guide to the City of Chicago
J.B. Bradford
1873  Inter-State Industrial Exposition Souvenir Program
Van Arsdale & Massey
1875 Chicago Antiquities...
Eastman & Bartlett
1875  Lakeside Chicago Business Directory
Lakeside pblsh.
1879   The Golden Northwest
James Maitland
1880  The Lakeside Chicago Business Directory (only A - F)
Lakeside pblsh.
1881 Chicago Antiquities: Comprising original items and relations, letters, extracts
Henry H. Hurlbut
1885 The Lakeside Chicago Business Directory (only A - F)
Lakeside pblsh.
1886  History of Chicago. From the Earliest Period to the Present Time
Volume III, 1871-1885   A. T. Andreas
1888 The Chicago Clubs Illustrated
Lanward Publishing Co.
1892  The Lakeside Chicago Business Directory (only A - F)
Lakeside pblsh.
1893  The World's Columbian Exposition (held in Chicago)
Trumbull White, William Igleheart
1900  One Hundred Photographic Views of Chicago
Rand, McNally & Co
1900  Chicago Business Directory (only A -D)
Chicago Directory Company
1905  Reports of Cases at Law and in Chancery...Supreme Court of Illinois Vol. 214
Isaac Newton Phillips
1905  The Revised Municipal Code of Chicago
William H. Arthur, Roswell B. Mason
1905 The Book of Chicagoans: A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men...
A. N. Marquis & Company
1906  14th Annual Report of the Factory Inspectors of Illinois
Phillips Bros. State Printers
1909   A Guide to the City of Chicago
Chicago Assoc. of Commerce
1909  History of Cook County Illinois... Vol I
Weston A. Goodspeed, Daniel D. Healy
1910   Bygone Days in Chicago
Frederick Francis Cook
1912  Reminiscences of Early Chicago
Lakeside Press
1912  Chicago; It's History And It's Builders Vol. V
S.J. Clarke Publishing
1919   "Commy"; The Life Story of Charles A. Comiskey
Gustaf W. Axelson
1922 The Chicago Municipal Code
Samuel A. Ettelson

Billiard History
(All books are PDF files)

1725, 1734, 1754  The Compleat Gamester
Charles Cotton

1817, 1826  Hoyle's Book of Games (including billiards)

1831  The Noble Game of Billiards; etc
By Captain M. Mingaud, translated by John Thurston

1837  Games and Sports; ...Manly Exercises and Exercises for Ladies...
Donald Walker

1850   Billiards Without a Master
Michael Phelan, D.D. Winant

1850  The Game of Billiards
Edwin Kentfield, John Thurston

1851  Bohn's New Handbook of Games
White & Bohn

1858  Billiards: Game, 500 up
Edward Russell Mardon Esq.

1858 [A Manual of] The Game of Billiards (4th edition)
Michael Phelan, Appleton & Co.

1859 The Game of Billiards (11th edition)
Michael Phelan et al.

1860   The Rise & Progress of the Game of Billiards
Phelan & Collender

1865  A Handbook of Billiards ...Theory of Side-Stroke....Rules of the Games
George Frederick Pardon; London, NY

1865 Billiards: Its Theory And Practice [etc]
William White, London

1866 The Billiard Book
Capt. Crawley

1866 The Standard American Billiard Tables & Combination Cushions [Catalog]
Phelan & Collender

1867  The Handbook of Games
H.G. Bohn;  London

1867 A History & Description of Billiards - Its Sanitary Advantages
Samuel May, Toronto

1868    The Modern Pocket Hoyle;...all the games of Skill and Chance
Trumps, Dick & Fitzgerald

1868   Roberts on Billiards
John Roberts; London

1868   Billiards for Beginners
Capt Crawley; London

1870  The American Billiard Record. A Compendium of Important Matches...
Michael Phelan, H.W. Collender

1871 Games, Gaming and Gamester's Law
Frederick Brandt; London

1873 Prize Essays On Billiards As An Amusement For All Classes...[etc]
James Galt & Co., Orme & Sons, Manchester

1873  Billiards Made Easy
Houlston & Sons; London

1876  Every's Boys Book  [ of games]
George Routledge & Sons

1876 Collender Standard American Billiard Table Catalog
H.W. Collender

1880 Scientific Billiards; Garnier's Practice Shots [etc.]
Albert Garnier

1880-82 Collender Standard American Billiard Table Catalog
H.W. Collender

1885  Billiards - Its Theory and Practice
Captain Crawley: London

1889   Billiards.
Joseph Bennett, London

1889    The Art of Practical Billiards For Amateurs
A.W. Drayson, London

1890  The Young Folks' Cyclopedia of Games & Sports
John D. Champlin Jr. & Arthur E. Bostwick  

1894  The Book of Table Games
Professor Hoffmann

1895   Hints on Billiards
J.P. Buchanan, London

1896 Gleanings From The History of Billiards
Brunswick Balke Collender Co.

1896   Billiards
Major W. Broadfoot, R.E., London

1897  Rules for Billiards & Pool - [ and illustrated catalog ]
Briggs Billiard Tables, Boston

1897   Foster's Encyclopedia of Games...Including all the Indoor Games ......
R.F. Foster

1898 Championship Billiards. Old & New
John A. Thatcher

189?  Billiards Simplified; or How To Make Breaks
Burroughs & Watts, London

1899  Amateur Billiard Championship of America
(souvenir program)

1900   A Ball Player's Career
Adrian C. Anson

1900 J.W. Goodman & Sons Billiard Table Catalog
J.W. Goodman, MA

1901  Side and Screw; ...Notes On The Theory & Practice Of The Game Of Billiards
C.D. Locock, London

1902   Modern Billiards
John Roberts et al, London

1904   Billiards Expounded; To All Degrees of Amateur Players
J.P. Mannock & S.A. Mussabini, London

1904 Modern Billiards. A Complete Textbook of the Game...
The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co.

1904  Billiards Mathematically Treated
G.W. Hemming

1907    Charles Passow & Sons Catalog (partial)

1909   Modern Billiards. A Complete Textbook of the Game...
The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co.

1910?  Charles Akam Pamphlet  
C.G. Akam

1910  A Complete Handbook of Standard Rules...Billiards & Pool
Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co.

1911 Ball To Ball Billiards
William A. Spinks

Undated William Spinks Catalog (partial)
William A. Spinks

1911 Nitrocellulose Industry
Edward Chauncey Worden

1913  Daly's Billiard Book
Maurice Daly

1914  Foster's Encyclopedia of Games
R.F. Foster

1915   Billiards
Tom Reece & W.G. Clifford, London

1920  The Cleveland Recreational Survey : Commercial Recreation
The Cleveland Foundation Committee

1921   Spink Sport Stories: 1000 Big and Little Ones  Vol. 2    [ partial ]
Al Spink.  Courtesy Bob Jewett collection

1925  The Billiard Records From 1859 to 1925....  [etc]
Thomas Foley. Courtesy Bob Jewett collection

1928  Brunswick Catalog in spanish (partial)

1928   History of Bowling and Billiards
Leila C. Dorion & Julia A. Shepherd

1933 Brunswick Highlights 1893-1933
Chicago Expo Brochure

1935  Code of Fair Competition for the Billiard & Bowling Equipment Industry...
U.S. National Recovery Administration

1939 Brunswick Catalog

1942 Tweeten Fibre Co. Billiard Supply Catalog

19?? Brunswick Anniversary (D-C) Installation/Service Manual

1946 Brunswick Centennial (D-C) Installation/Service Manual

1949 Brunswick Catalog
courtesy PalmerCollector .com

1951-52  Kieckhefer Billiard Supply Catalog (partial)

1952 Brunswick Catalog
Courtesy PalmerCollector . com

1961 Brunswick Catalog
Courtesy PalmerCollector .com

1961 Brunswick Gold Crown I  Installation/Service Manual

Brunswick Gold Crown III  Installation/Service Manual

Misc History
( all books are PDF files)

1855    Scientific American
Munn & Co.

1856 The Illustrated American Advertiser
J.M. Emerson & Co

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